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Increasing Community Engagement in Townsville Coastal Catchments for Biodiversity Project
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Short Title: Nelly Bay Turtle

Nelly Bay Turtle Habitat Protection and Beach Scrub Management

Location: Nelly Bay foreshore (from the Helipad to X Base Backpackers)

Organisation: Wulgurukaba

Project Summary:

The area of interest in terms of turtle nesting habitat is Nelly Bay foreshore on Magnetic Island between the old Helipad site and X Base Backpackers. The area is being degraded by vehicles driving and parking on the foredunes. The area requires access control to protect the turtle nesting habitat (distance 520 metres from existing Helipad fencing to bollards near Base Backpackers) and revegetation works to assist with stabilisation of the fore dune.

As a preliminary step a plan will be developed in conjunction with relevant service providers e.g. Townsville Water, Telstra and Ergon to identify designated access points to the beach, parking areas and the location of access control fencing/bollards.

Completed actions and events:

Location: Nelly Bay foreshore (Base Backpackers to old helipad) – road reserve and Lot 207 on EP1790 (helipad to foreshore reserve) and TCC foreshore reserve Lot 211 on EP1627
Landowner: Townsville City Council
Area: ~3 hectares (Includes helipad, road reserve and esplanade. 550m x 20m = 1.1 hectares - approximate area from the road to the high water mark)

•    Site visit with Adam King (TCC) to review project outcomes, bollard placement and associated issues - 24 November 2011
•    Draft beach access plan prepared – November 2011
•    Site visit with Claudia Brassard (TCC Major Projects) and Zane (project manager). Looked at location of infrastructure. Discuss with TCC Magnetic Island staff from C and M – 8 December 2011
•    Dial-before-you-dig reply received – 16 December 2011
•    Met with Melissa and plan for community consultation - 14 August 2012
•    Quotes for supply materials and install vehicle barrier fence obtained – August/October 2012
•    Update the Project Management Plan - August 2012
•    Site visit with Chris Pronk (TCC) - 31 August 2012
•    Display at Arcadia and Nelly Bay shops with Melissa George to provide information on the project – 8 September 2012
•    Site visit with Chris Pronk to set up alignment of vehicle barrier for community information day – 5 October 2012
•    Community information day at Base Backpackers – 6 October 2012
•    Site works with CVA removing weeds from Nelly Bay foreshore Base Backpackers end working north and SEVT across the road from Base – 10 October 2012
•    Location of Telstra cables. Barrier realignment required to 5-6 metres from road edge – 13 November 2012
•    Bollards delivered to the TCC depot and Lifestyled Landscapes commissioned to install vehicle barrier – December 2012
•    Barrier fence installation - 22 January - February 2013